[b-hebrew] The Tetragrammaton; aia; is there a name in Ex3:14?

Awohili at aol.com Awohili at aol.com
Thu Aug 4 07:27:36 EDT 2005

You characterize Aquila as "hyper-literal," others say Aquila wished to be  
more faithful to the Hebrew text.
At any rate, many able Hebrew scholars and biblical translators, from  Joseph 
B. Rotherham to William H. C. Propp to Everett Fox, in their works, judge  
from grammar and context that "I Will Be" is the better translation of the EHYEH 
 at Exodus 3:14, and I accept their judgment.
I suppose it's a case of choose your scholars.  :-)
Solomon Landers
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peterkirk at qaya.org writes:

But these  are not "in the LXX tradition". Aquila is rather a deliberate 
rejection of  the LXX in favour of a hyper-literal translation, which I 
suppose made the  same mistake as Shoshanna in reading contemporary 
meanings of verb forms  back into biblical Hebrew.

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