[b-hebrew] Bibliography request on -he suffixes

Andrew Wergeland Andrew.Wergeland at mf.no
Thu Aug 4 03:42:46 EDT 2005

Are any of the notes on pages 277-282 in Joüon-Muraoka helpful?  I'm 
sure you've already looked there.


Heard, Christopher wrote:

>Hello all,
>Aside from standard teaching and reference grammars, can any of you  recommend good bibliography on the use and syntax of the "paragogic ה  [H]," and especially how to distinguish a "paragogic ה [H]" from a  "directional  ה [H]"?
>(I certainly don't want to tell anybody what to say or not say, but  please understand that I am looking for _bibliography_, for published  academic sources, not individual listers' ideas on this subject.)
>Todah rabbah!
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