[b-hebrew] The Tetragrammaton; aia; is there a name in Ex3:14?

Awohili at aol.com Awohili at aol.com
Wed Aug 3 11:01:31 EDT 2005

I will only note the curious fact that nearly every English Bible that  
translates Ehyeh at Exodus 3:14 as "I Am"  has translated the exact very  same 
Hebrew word as "I will be" (or similar) at Exodus 3:12.
Same word, only 2 verses apart.  Yet, different translation.  No  
*grammatical* or *contextual* rationale for this that I can see.
Certain ancient translators of the LXX (Greek Septuagint) tradition  rendered 
Ehyeh at Exodus 3:14 plainly as ESOMAI, "I Will Be."
Solomon Landers
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rosewalk at concentric.net writes:

I know I  will be sorry for this - but how do you "experts" 
rationalize that "Ehyeh"  is "I am" and not "I will be"?


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