[b-hebrew] The Tetragrammaton; aia; is there a name in Ex3:14?

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Aug 3 10:59:10 EDT 2005

On 03/08/2005 15:23, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

>I know I will be sorry for this - but how do you "experts" 
>rationalize that "Ehyeh" is "I am" and not "I will be"?
"I will be" is modern Hebrew. But it has long been known that in 
biblical Hebrew this "imperfect" or prefix form is often used in past 
and present contexts, and that the main element distinguishing it from 
the "perfect" or suffix form is that the action is continuing or 
repetitive, like the Russian imperfective aspect.

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