[b-hebrew] The Tetragrammaton; aia; is there a name in Ex3:14?

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed Aug 3 10:28:12 EDT 2005

I'm only speaking for myself- but when I see such dismissive statements 
as "you 'experts'" I have a tendency, in my mind, to believe that the 
poser of any attendent "question" 1- will not accept any answer as their 
preconceptions are entrenched; and 2- believes that anyone with 
"expertise" in a field is no better informed than the uninformed reader 
of various and sundry crackpot websites.  Thus, all that said, any 
answer offered will not be accepted and so I leave it to more patient 
others to offer what will inevitably be rejected anyway.

Shoshanna Walker wrote:

>I know I will be sorry for this - but how do you "experts" 
>rationalize that "Ehyeh" is "I am" and not "I will be"?

D. Jim West

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