[b-hebrew] The Tetragrammaton; aia; is there a name in Ex3:14?

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Wed Aug 3 10:04:14 EDT 2005

An important basis for YHWH-the-verb hypothesis is AHIH in Exodus 3:14. AHIH is universally interpreted as the divine name, 1s imperfect.

However, this does not seem unambiguous to me.

Moses doesn't say the name to Aaron, and both of them say it neither to the people, nor to the pharaoh.

Could it be that ahih in Ex3:14 is not a name, but a refusal to state it? The phrase has perfect analogy in Russian, будь что будет, "let it be as it will be," sort of American "whatever!" Moses says that people would ask the name, and receives a reply, "Whatever!" They might ask, but Moses must ignore the inquiry.

The next phrase is translated as "I am has sent me to you." Schwa in slhni raises doubts about that word being 3ms PT verb. Could the phrase be better rendered, "I will be a messenger to you"?

My doubts might or might not prove substantial, but the point is curious, and the discussion might be refreshing. All inputs are appreciated.

Vadim Cherny

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