[b-hebrew] Stone slab replacing the Ark of the Covenant

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Aug 2 20:40:43 EDT 2005

On 03/08/2005 00:56, Stephen Segall wrote:

>This is not an image of the wall carving at Karnak depicting the Egyptian 
>victory over the Kingdom of Judah.
Which images are you looking for?

Those of Shoshenk I's invasion of Israel, on the Bubastite Portal at 
Karnak, which is normally identified as in the time of Rehoboam? I have 
a picture of this, in chapter 5 of David Rohl's book "A Test of Time" (= 
"Pharaohs and Kings"), but there is no image of the Ark and indeed 
nothing about Jerusalem.

Or those of Ramesses II's invasion, on the Ashkelon Wall at Karnak? This 
is normally dated long before Solomon's time, but David Rohl and others 
identify this as the invasion in Rehoboam's time. There are pictures of 
this also in chapter 7 of Rohl's book, but nothing that looks like the 
Ark. These pictures are not exhaustive, but I can find no claims that 
the Ark is pictured there.

Or those of an invasion of Thutmose III, also at Karnak? The infamous 
Velikovsky considered that Thutmose raided the temple in Jerusalem, but 
everyone except Velikovsky dates this to long before Solomon. See 
http://www.hshideaway.com/chap15.htm, which has links to a photo and a 
drawing of the loot. But I note that Velikovsky does not claim that the 
Ark is among this loot.

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