[b-hebrew] HWH hiphil/hophal conjugation

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Tue Aug 2 13:52:57 EDT 2005

Davidson's grammar shows a series of paradigms on the back pages.

It shows examples of hiphil/hophal lamed-he verbs 3ms imperfect:


It shows examples of hiphil/hopjal pe-guttural verbs 3ms imperfect:

Ya(aMiYD, Yaa(aaMaD

It shows examples of hiphil/hophal ayin-waw verbs 3ms imperfect:


The root HaWaH is irregular in all three of these respects. If we are to 
reconstruct the 3ms imperfect of HWH in a scholarly way we need to apply 
all three rules.

Applying the lamed-he aspect to YHWH we get:


which is popular in scholoarly circles but shown to be inaccurate.
Applying also the pe-guttural we get:


which is trisyllabic but does not agree with the YaHu/YaHo theophoric components.
Applying also the ayin-waw it is possible that the extra pe-guttural vowel causes 
a change in normal vowelling that would produce something like:


which is in agreement with both the theophoric components and the transliteration


Any thoughts Peter?

I think we're both wasting our time with the I,You,He theory.

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