[b-hebrew] YHWH pronunciation

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Aug 2 09:40:01 EDT 2005

On 02/08/2005 14:29, Vadim Cherny wrote:

>In the verb hypothesis, some transliteration of he would be expected, and
>the word could resemble Ieue, albeit remotely.
>In my hypothesis of 1-2-3ms suffixes, I could imagine Iaoe, but not Ieue,
>unless in rapid pronunciation.
I wonder if you would accept Iaoue as sufficiently close to your "Ieue". 
After all, upsilon on its own is improbable as Greek routinely used the 
omicron-upsilon diphthong for the sound "w". And don't forget that 
Clement's form was (probably) Iaoue. Theodoret's Iabe is a variant of 
Iaoue from a time or dialect when the "w" sound had changed to "v", 
which by then was the pronunciation of Greek beta. So, Clement's and 
Theodoret's evidence supports "the verb hypothesis".

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