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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Tue Aug 2 08:00:37 EDT 2005

Kevin Riley wrote:

>  This is not what I wanted to discuss.  What the NT says is actually
>irrelevant in a discussion of pre-exilic Hebrew ideas.  It was written 500+
>years after the event.  There are various Christian ideas of what
>inspiration" and "God-breathed" means and what should be held to follow from
>that - and that isn't relevant to this list either.  Can we please just stay
>with evidence for pre-exilic Hebrew ideas and leave the discussion of
>current Christian and Jewish believes for other groups to discuss.  The
>Hebrew Scriptures also exist separately to the Christian Bible, so it is not
>just a part of the Christian Bible.

there is none.  period.  to ask what the hebrew bible thinks of 
"inspiration" as a theological concept is to ask what moses thought of 


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