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Good Work!

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If I have understood your question correctly, this may be useful...

Hosea 9:7
NJB: "The prophet is mad and the inspired man a fool!"
NIV: "The prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac"

Heb: 'ish haruach

Literally "man of the spirit"
Greek: an´thropos ho pneumatopho´ros, "man bearing the spirit; man inspired"
Latin Vulgate, Clementine recension: Vi´rum spiritua´lem

Alexander Oldernes

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> This is what led me to ask my initial question - that many people here, 
> and
> elsewhere, assume that the view that the ancient Hebrews had of 
> "inspiration
> [God being in some way the origin of the message] is the same as the view
> they have today.  It may be so, but where is the evidence?  To discuss our
> view is outside the scope of this list, but to look at texts in the Hebrew
> Scriptures, perhaps argue a little over the meaning of some words in those
> texts if we disagree, or discuss why we would include or exclude certain
> texts from the discussion, that is what I thought was appropriate here.  I
> wanted to avoid simply asserting belief in views we hold by faith, or
> insisting that the ancient Hebrews must have believed what we believe
> because that is what our faith demands.  Rather, from the words of the
> Hebrew Scriptures themselves, in the context in which they occur, can we
> infer anything about *their* view of inspiration.
> Kevin Riley 

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