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Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Tue Aug 2 05:27:21 EDT 2005

I do not wish to touch on modern Christian ideas of =
inspiration because that 
will open a whole new can of worms far worse than an=
y provocative discussion 
in the entire history of this mailing list.

What I will say is this.
Paul wrote to Timothy that all scripture was 'god-breathed=
'. It is a well 
established fact that when we speak we continually exhale =
in order to make 
those sounds audible. Paul is merely saying that the ori=
gin of all scripture 
is the god, yhwh. He is saying that yhwh spoke (breath=
ed) these words and the 
prophets of old merely penned them.

This idea is pervasive in every single book of the tan=
akh and the list of references
to such ideaology are for too great to be held in a =
single post. And so I will only
offer a few well known examples

Lev27:34 'These are the commandments that Yahoweh gvae Mos=
he as commandments to 
Isreal's children in Mount Sinai'
Josh8:1 'Then Yahoweh said to Joshua "Don't be afraid...
Judges1:2 'To this Yahoweh said "Judah will go up...
1Sam2:27 And one of the God's men came to Eli and sa=
id to him "This is what Yahweh has said...
2Sam2:1 ...At this Yahoweh said to him...
1Kings3:5 'In Gibeon Yehuweh appeared to Solomon in a dr=
eam and says...
Isaiah1:10 'Hear Yehoweh's word...
Jer1:2 Yahoweh's word came to me...
Eze1:3 Yahoweh's word came to me

One feature we notice, especially in prophecy, is that w=
e don't have to read much before 
we are told that these are Yahoweh's words.
Yahoweh's words were considered sacred and thus a traditio=
n of faithful copying was initiated 
by Moshe that continued through all the Kings, through E=
zra, through the days of the apostles
(I bear witness to everyone that hears the words of th=
e prohecy of this scroll: If anyone makes
an addition to these things, The God will add to him =
all the plagues that are written in this 
scroll; and if anyone takes anything away from the words=
 of the scroll of this prophecy, The God
will take his portion aaaaaway from the trees of life"Re=
v22:18,19) and right up to the days of 
the Masoreted.
So strong was the tradition that they dared not replace =
the now unused divine name. And they 
dared not correct the obvious copying error of the 'HiY)=
' v's 'HuW)'.

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