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Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Mon Aug 1 23:53:25 EDT 2005

  This is not what I wanted to discuss.  What the NT says is actually
irrelevant in a discussion of pre-exilic Hebrew ideas.  It was written 500+
years after the event.  There are various Christian ideas of what
inspiration" and "God-breathed" means and what should be held to follow from
that - and that isn't relevant to this list either.  Can we please just stay
with evidence for pre-exilic Hebrew ideas and leave the discussion of
current Christian and Jewish believes for other groups to discuss.  The
Hebrew Scriptures also exist separately to the Christian Bible, so it is not
just a part of the Christian Bible.
BTW it is always dangerous to believe what you are told just because you are
told, and neither Christian nor Jewish tradition encourages blind belief
without study.
Kevin Riley
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From: Sujata
Date: 08/02/05 13:40:57
What is your understanding of this word "inspiration"
in this context?
The Hebrew Bible is part of the Christian Bible and as
a Christian I am told (and therefore I believe) *ALL*
scripture is God breathed (theopneustos)
Best wishes,

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