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The "Hebrew Bible" is the Torah, the whole collection including the 
Prophets and Writings is the Tanach - Torah, Neviim, Ketubim

The Torah did not have multiple writers (that it did, is only one 
belief/theory), and it existed WAY before "they did their work."



I am not sure what you mean, or perhaps you are not sure what I mean,
or both. It seems to me a simple, logical fact, indeed almost a
matter of definition (not an "idea" or "theory"), that the collection
we call the Tanakh could not have existed as such--I mean as a
completed collection--until after all of the individual parts thereof
were written. I suppose one could envision a kind of "rolling corpus"
of scriptures to which writings were added one by one--and in fact
something sort of like that may be part of the "canonical process" by
which the various books within the Tanakh were combined to become the
Tankah--but earlier stages in that rolling corpus would still not be
the "Tanakh" or "Hebrew Bible" (as we know it) until all the books
had been added. This seems to me a simple truism. But again, if I
have totally missed your point, I apologize for that.


On Aug 1, 2005, at 7:42 PM, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> This is only one idea/theory
> Shoshanna
> The
> writers of the Hebrew Bible did not know of the existence of any such
> thing as the Hebrew Bible, nor could they have, because it did not
> exist until well after they did their work,
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