[b-hebrew] KTWR in 1 Chronicles 17:17

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This one is tough.  The LXX has EPEIDES ME hWS hPASIS ANQPWPOU

"and you gaze upon me as the appearance of men."

H.A.L.O.T. says this is textual uncertainty.  But it list sequence, or turn for other definitions.  So maybe it is "and you see me as the sequence of man."  Or "and you see me as the turning or man."   that one does not make much sense.

Another interesting point is that the parallet text in 2 Sam 7:19 has TORAT the femine construct of torah, makes you wonder if this is some sort of variant.

And lastly the NET bible has some weird thing it did with it.  They took the qal WR:'IYTANIY and translated it as a hiphil.  And said K:TWR means 'searching'

And came up with "and you revealed to me the searching of man, what lies beyond."  Makes sense, but I don't know if it is right.
Kelton Graham 
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> In reading through 1 Chronicles I noticed that KTWR is 
> listed as being from the root TWR with a prefixed K- 
> referring to a man's turn in life, or something like that. 
> However, I wonder if it is from the root meaning to make a 
> circle, referring to the cycle of life? If so, it would be 
> a happax legomai for this term. Any thoughts? 
> Karl W. Randolph. 
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