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Dear Vadim.

I am sincerely interested in hearing your views but so far I have only 
seen you present lots of bold assertions as if they were well established 
fact, without actually providing any evidence.
Do you think you could start providing proofs of your claims so that I 
better follow your reasoning?

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> Just to clarify here, the root we are considering is conventionally
> regarded as HWH but is in fact more correctly HWY (or perhaps HWW),
> because the final he (which has no mappiq, so I my suggestion has no
> problem with mappiq) is in fact not a pronounced he but a mater
> lectionis replacing an original yod (or perhaps vav).

Not impossible, but hardly a fact. I doubt ayn-ayn for hi or hw cell.

> As for other cases of root letter he being omitted in Greek
> transcription, we have been discussing another example on this list
> recently, Greek ELWI for Hebrew Elohi or Elohay in Mark 15:34.

A sort of third-hand hearsay. Diodorus heard Iao from Hebrews, not from
Greek-speaking Christians.

> We also have all the Hebrew names starting Yeho- which are all
> starting iota-omega,

Then aleph in Iao is unlikely to originate from schwa. Rather, Y- I, H- a,
WH - o.

> also the name of king Yehu' (Jehu), which is EIOU,
> IHOU or IOU in Greek (H = eta) with no consonant replacing he.

Here he survived, as you see, though mutilated. Undoubtedly, you recognize
that similar pronunciation cannot make Iao out of ihie or ihwe.

In my opinion, you unwarrantedly ignore a rare phonetic environment of YHWH,
vcvv. If it is a verb, then first he has the best chance to be preserved as
consonant. In teophoric examples, existence of other consonants allow
vowelization of he.

Vadim Cherny

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