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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 01/08/2005 14:03, Vadim Cherny wrote:

>Then it cannot be well-attested root hwh or hih. What is that ayn-ayn root
>hwy/hww Peter suggests? I don't recall such root at all.
Just to clarify here, the root we are considering is conventionally 
regarded as HWH but is in fact more correctly HWY (or perhaps HWW), 
because the final he (which has no mappiq, so I my suggestion has no 
problem with mappiq) is in fact not a pronounced he but a mater 
lectionis replacing an original yod (or perhaps vav).

But it was James, not me, who wrote HWY/HWW.

As for other cases of root letter he being omitted in Greek 
transcription, we have been discussing another example on this list 
recently, Greek ELWI for Hebrew Elohi or Elohay in Mark 15:34. We also 
have all the Hebrew names starting Yeho- which are all transliterated 
starting iota-omega, also the name of king Yehu' (Jehu), which is EIOU, 
IHOU or IOU in Greek (H = eta) with no consonant replacing he. And if 
you want an example unrelated to the divine name, try Greek MALELEHL in 
Genesis 5:12 LXX and following for Hebrew MAHALAL'EL, and Greek IALLELHL 
in 2 Chronicles 29:12 LXX, for Hebrew Y:HALLEL'EL.

Meanwhile, as James wrote, "if you can find examples of Hebrew names 
transliterated with a gamma in the place of the 'he' then I will have to 
reconsider my position on this." I would be surprised if you can find 
any example of this Russian convention being used in Hellenistic Greek.

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