[b-hebrew] The mystery of vav-consequtive

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Fri Apr 29 11:42:03 EDT 2005

Conjugated verbs are extremely common in Old Slavonic, and in Russian
generally until very recently. I'd say I have no problem prefixing waw
conjugative to a word followed by asher, ki, im, etc. This is just uncommon
in English.

Vadim Cherny

> What are your thoughts on the conjugations when it is impossible to prefix
> waw to the verb (e.g., because another word must be clause-initial:
> negation, asher, ki, im, etc.). Is there anything other than focus (for
> qatal) or background (for yiqtol) that determines the choice of verb form?

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