[b-hebrew] Viewing the Unicode/XML version of the Westminster Leningrad Codex

Kirk Lowery klowery at whi.wts.edu
Fri Apr 29 10:25:14 EDT 2005

Dave Washburn wrote:

> Working under Fedora Core 3, using Mozilla, Netscape and Firefox with the Ezra 
> SIL font, the vowels don't display properly.  They appear as separate 
> letters, displaced into their own slots, rather than under or over the 
> consonants.  Any ideas?

Make sure that it is the Unicode Ezra font. Using Debian 'sid', with
SBLHebrew, the vowels are offset to the left; the text barely readable.
This is due to the fact that X-Windows does not recognize combining
characters and do not handle OpenType kerning rules. There are some
applications that can render vowels and consonants properly (yudit, for
example), but no browser yet. We're probably *still* five years away on
Linux systems... <sigh>

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