[b-hebrew] Punishment and book of Samuel

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Thu Apr 28 08:42:19 EDT 2005

Chris said -----  You state "you can not possibly know the crimes that were
being committed
by the Amalekites at this stage" and "HOW MANY ISRAELITES DO YOU THINK .
. . ."  This is all supposition.  All we know is what the writer
presented in the text.  This is the picture he wished for us to have.  We
can make all of the suppositions we want, but these aren't worth the time
it takes to write this.



George, firstly it is already a supposition for some that INNOCENT people
are punished for the sins of the fathers -- Then to support this with the
situations in Samuel.  I am bringing in other LOGICAL variables to suppose
that this is not what it seems. FOR EXAMPLE:  we are told that Moses slew an
Egyptian, right?  WHY?  What led him to do that?  How many times had he seen
other Israelites beaten by Egyptian task masters.  What struggles and
thoughts and inner wranglings had led up to this precise moment in time?
All this is jolly good suposition based upon an understanding of human
nature.  We have every possibility to paint a portrait of Moses's emotional
turmoil that he MUST have experienced for a few years or a few months.  If
we follow your line of reasoning and portray Moses ONLY from what the writer
has told us then we are truly left with a very strange character indeed.  He
is a prince, he kills an egyptian. that is rather dull.

There are NO WRITTEN RECORDS that tell us why the norsemen harrassed
Ireland. BUT with careful analysis of their way of life and culture that
reason can be very accurately SUPPOSED.

Best regards, chris. Ireland

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