[b-hebrew] Jealousy in the Hebrew Bible

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One thing to do is to take a concordance and look at every time the word is used in Hebrew. As you’ll, it has a wider range of meaning than 
does the English “to be jealous” and it is used in both the positive sense, as well as the negative.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Patricia Power" <papower47 at earthlink.net>
> I am a graduate student at Arizona State University in the 
> religious studies department and working right now on a paper 
> dealing with emotions and Judaism. I am analyzing the use of the 
> root quf. nun. alef. and would appreciate any suggestions on 
> reading that might be appropriate. Specifically, I am interested in 
> how emotional language is used: does it include affect, behavior, 
> interiority of feeling, intentionality - and is the emotion, in 
> this case jealousy, positively or negatively portrayed.
> Thank you in advance,
> Pat Power, BA
> Arizona State University
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