[b-hebrew] Judges 4:11 & Joshua 15:57

tladatsi at charter.net tladatsi at charter.net
Fri Apr 15 02:23:55 EDT 2005

Judges 4:11 reads something like:

And Heber the Qeyniy leaving from Qayin from the sons of 
Hobab the male-in-law of Moses...

In an earlier thread the translation Qeyniy and Qayin were 
both Kenite (or Cainite).  So Judges 4:11 was Heber was a 
Kenite/Cainite who moved away from the other Kenites who 
were the sons of Moses' in-law, Hobab...

However, in Joshua 15:57 there is town in Judea near Karmel 
and Gibeah called the Qayin.  Might Qayin in the context of 
Judges 4:11 simply mean the town of the same name, rather 
than the tribe.  So might Judges 4:11 read

Heber the Cainite left the town of Cain where the sons of 
Hobab, Moses' in-law, lived and pitched his tent...

Is that possible reading?

Jack Tladatsi

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