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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Apr 13 11:09:06 EDT 2005

On 13/04/2005 14:14, Ingrid Hjelm wrote:

> ... you cannot speak of the Misnahusing the MT, which did not exist in 
> the 2nd century CE. At that time you have pre-masoretic texts ...

Agreed. But there is not just one pre-Masoretic text, there is a 
succession of them covering more than a millennium.

> ... and the differerence involves more than vocalisation 
> -non-vocalisation. ...

Not necessarily. Yes, there are differences other than vocalisation 
between the particular pre-Masoretic text witnessed in the DSS and the 
true Masoretic text. But, given the near absence of evidence from the 
intervening centuries, we cannot know whether these differences predated 
the 6th century CE. Indeed, we cannot know whether these predated the 
Mishnah except from the evidence of the Mishnah itself. And from what 
Uri wrote:

>the Mishnah, when quoting biblical texts, is practically using the MT
I understand him to be claiming that there are very few differences 
between the MT and the consonantal text used by the authors of the 
Mishnah. I presume that he is not making a claim that the Mishnah 
reflects the MT vocalisation.

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