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Sun Apr 10 11:18:03 EDT 2005

Mo'ed 16 - Call for PapersMo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies, is now accepting papers for Vol. 16, to appear in  March-April 2005. Mo'ed is a peer-reviewed annual devoted to all branches and periods of Jewish Studies, and welcomes original contributions in these fields.
Articles may be submitted for publication either in Hebrew or in English.  Hebrew articles are to include an English abstract and English articles are to include a Hebrew abstract of 200-300 words. Authors are responsible for any necessary translation of abstracts.
Articles are to be typed using a Word for Windows-compatible word processor and should be submitted in two hard copies accompanied by a diskette. Electronic transmission as an e-mail attachment is an acceptable alternative, but it is recommended to submit hard copies and diskette as well.
Bibliographical references and other notes are to be typed as footnotes.
For all other matters of style and usage – spelling and punctuation, use of numbers, emphases, abbreviations, citation of texts and bibliographical references, contributors are referred to the Guidelines for Contributors appearing (in both Hebrew and English) in Mo'ed 14 (2004), or to Tarbiz 51 (1982), pp. 167-169.
The final date for submission of articles to Vol. 15 is 30 September 2005.
Articles are to be submitted to:
Dr. Arie Don
Dr, Jonathan D. Safren
Mo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies
Center for Jewish Culture
Beit Berl College
Beit Berl Post Office
44905 Israel
e-mail: moed at beitberl.ac.il
website: www.beitberl.ac.il/moed

Following are the articles to appear in Mo'ed 15 (2005; in press):

English Section

Dean Phillip Bell, "Reconsidering Jews, Tragedy, and Power in Early Modern Germany"

Brian Ogren, "Modernity, Oral Law and Tolerance for Diversity: Moses Mendelssohn and the Challenge to Traditional Concepts of Idolatry"

Book Review

Johan Lust, On: The Book of Ezekiel. The Hebrew University Bible                                                                                              

Hebrew Section

David Gilad, "‎'Let us go a distance of three days into the wilderness' (Ex 3, 18): The Ethical Dilemma through the Prism of Jewish Biblical Exegesis"

Natan Klaus, "The Pivot Pattern: Psalm 35:7b-9a"

Sagit Mor, "Tikkun Olam: Its Early Meaning and Its Influence on Divorce Law during the Mishnaic Period"

Itzhak Hamitovsky, ,"‎With All Your Might- All Your Strength and All Your Fortune': A Semantic Shift of an Ancient Midrash"

Dalia Hoshen, "External Structure versus Binary Structure in Sexuality: The Approach of the Rishonim and Their Talmudic Sources"

Abraham Ophir Shemesh, "The Date Palm and its Cultivation in Rashi’s Commentaries on Rabbinic Literature"

Yael Levine, "‎Se‘udat Esther (The Feast of Esther(‎"

Arie Don, "The Enemy Within: Maimonides and Plato's View of Creation"

Rafik Abu-Bakr, "Hebrew under Arabic Influence in the 21st Century: The Lexical Aspect"

Zipora Cochavi-Rainey, "Some Linguistic and Linguistic-Stylistic Features       in Naomi Frankel’s Novel  Preda ('Departure'"(

Haim Grossman, "‎'Israel Haggadah Forces': The Image of the Soldier and Military Appearance in the Passover Haggadah"

Book Reviews

Mayer I. Gruber, On: Israel Knohl. The Divine Symphony: The Bible's Many Voices

Shulamit Valler, On: Meir Bar-Ilan, Genesis Numerology

Robert A. Harris, On: Mayer I. Gruber, Rashi's Commentary on Psalms 

Mayer I. Gruber, On: Zafrira Ben-Barak, Inheritance by Daughters in Israel and the Ancient Near East

Shimon Sharvit, On: Talma Zurawel, Maimonides' Tradition of Mishnaic Hebrew as Reflected in His Autograph Commentary to the Mishnah

Moshe Hallamish, On: Devra Kay, Seyder Tkhines


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