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> And there are plenty of people who claim that the text, analysing it
linguistically, indicates while a particular woman was meant, that there was
no indication that it had to be a woman who was alive at the time Isaiah
said it.

If so, Karl, what significance would it have had to Ahaz?

> In this I'm reminded of the prophesy concerning Josiah in 1 Kings 13:2.
>From the immediate text, one would conclude that this Josiah was already
born, but it wasn't until centuries later that that prophesy was fulfilled.

The difference is that 1 Kings 13 was written either during the time of
Josiah or later, and so the author could put a "prophecy" about Josiah in
the anonymous "man of God"s mouth. Isaiah 7 was NOT written by Matthew.

> Therefore, if Isaiah was prophesying in the same manner as the prophesy
above, there is no reason to insist that the woman be alive at that time.
And that she was called "the virgin" means that it is a sign, because
virgins don't get pregnant and give birth.
> Karl W. Randolph.

But she is NOT called "the virgin". She is called "the young woman".


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