[b-hebrew] Almah vs. Bethulah in Isaiah 7

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On Sat  2 Apr 2005 , tladatsi at charter.net wrote:
> For me, the key contextual element is it is not all unusual  for a
> young woman to give birth to a baby but it is  completely unheard of in
> the OT for a virgin to give birth.    Nowhere else in the OT does such
> an event occur.

 The Sign offered to Ahaz was a *cosmic sign*, "either in the depth, or in
 the height above" (verse 11). That would make a Virgin birth more likely
 than any unmarried mother giving birth.

 In Isaiah 8:3, the "prophetess" (Mrs Isaiah?) gives birth to a son with a
 prophetic name MaHeR $aLaL Xa$ BaZ; a brother for $e:'aR Ya$uWB 7:3. This
 child is certainly a contemporary Sign (present persuader) to Ahaz.

 The son of the `aL:MaH is to be named `iMMaNuW'eL. He is the `aL:MaH's son
 7:14; he is the Owner of the Land 8:8; he is the Defender of the Land 8:8;
 he is the Protector of the Land 8:10; and he is the Wonder Child of 9:6-7.

 The Wonder Child's names or titles in 9:6b  PeLe' YoW:`eC  'eL GiBBoWR
 a:BiY`aD   &aR-$aLoWM  sit very well with his prophetic name of `iMMaNuW'eL.

 Whereas MaherShalalhashBaz is a "present persuader" sign to Ahaz, Immanuel
 is a Future Confirmer to generations yet to come.

 The view from here...

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