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Dear Al,

The word OF is not in the Hebrew.


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> Below is a message I saved some years ago from another forum - could the
> interpretation be correct?
> "You mentioned the verse in Isaiah (namely Is. 9:6) where the pastor was
> asking about all the various "names" of God.  I have the greatest
> It's called The Holy Name Bible by the Scripture Research (now out of
print, I
> believe) but let me quote the text for you here.  A small grammatical word
> left out can make a big difference.
> "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government
> be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
> the Mighty El, of the Father of Eternity; The Prince of Peace."
> Read that again and see what a difference it makes that the Son is a
> OF the Mighty El.  He is also the wonderful counselor OF the Father of
> Eternity (He is NOT the Father).  He is The Prince of Peace. HalleluYAH
!!! "
> Blessings,  Kathy {MSDA 11/2/99}
> Blessings,
> Al Cantley
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> Dear Sujata,
> The phrase that Karl breaks into "God
> (supernatural), Hero (human)" appears again in
> Isaiah 10:21, where it's translated "mighty God."
> Also there is a Masoretic conjunctive accent
> joining the two words. The phrase "prince of
> fulness" is more probably "prince of peace." The
> word for "peace" often carries this meaning in
> contexts of rulers of nations, the immediate
> context favors it, and the word is used with that
> meaning at the beginning of the next verse. The
> accents do favor the separation of "wonder" and
> "counselor," the way Karl has done, even though
> most translations seem to join the words together
> with something like "Wonderful Counselor." The
> phrase Karl translates as "Father of Time"
> (Abi-ad) is interestingly one word in the BHS
> edition of the Hebrew text, though the lexicons I
> have do not handle it that way. They divide it
> into )BY ("father") and (D ("time, eternity").
> Yours,
> Harold Holmyard
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