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Wed Oct 27 14:24:12 EDT 2004

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From: "Ken Penner" <pennerkm at mcmaster.ca>
> My favorite example: there is no word in the Bible for "tickle"!
> Ken Penner
> McMaster/Hebrew

More significantly, there's no biblical word for "bronze", which was the
most commonly used metal at the time. "Nexo$et" litterally means "copper".
Bronze is a copper alloy - but they aparently did not have a separate word
for it.

There are also lots of prominant places, in or near Israel, that were
settled during the Iron Age and are not mentioned in the Bible. For example,
the very important coastal city of Akko (Acre). And Rehob, south of
Beth-shean, which recent excavations have shown to be a major Israelite
urban centre (although two OTHER places of the same name are menioned in
passing). We don't know the ancient name for Tell Beit Mirsim in southern
Judah of the Yarmuk river in Transjordan. There are also important events
that we know know of that are not mentioned in the Bible, such as the battle
of Karkar in 853, in which King Ahab was a major player.

All this just reinforces our understanding, that the Bible is NOT a work of
history or geography. The Bible was written for a purpose and with a message
in mind, and whatever was not needed, is not mentioned.


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