[b-hebrew] A question on the Hebrew text

Raymond Regalado fwgk5942 at mb.infoweb.ne.jp
Sun Oct 24 06:07:01 EDT 2004

Dear List,

I am a novice learner of biblical Hebrew, and I just wanted to ask a 
question about the Hebrew text.  To my knowledge, the text most 
commonly used in Protestant Christian circles is the Biblia Hebraica 
Stuttgartensia (BHS) published by the United Bible Societies.  I wonder 
which text is "standard" among the Jews themselves, or among Israeli 
scholars.  For instance, which text is "Israel's best Bible reader" 
reading in this set of CD's: 
http://www.solomonstreasurechest.com/HebrewBible.html ?


Raymond Regalado
Tokyo, Japan

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