[b-hebrew] Journals for Hebrew Bible

James Bowick bowick at idirect.com
Sat Oct 23 11:43:55 EDT 2004


I am required in second year Hebrew to do a translation paper on a passage
of the Hebrew Bible, however my library skills are not yet the best.  I will
use and develop the skills I have to search for journal articles for my
paper, but also thought it would be wise to browse the last few years of a
couple of the better journals related to Classical Hebrew and the Hebrew
Bible, especially as it might help in exegeting a passage.

What are the top three or four journals for this area?

I realize that this approach is not a substitute for developing research
skills, but at the same time by casting a broader net may be of even more
assistance in helping me wrestle with the language itself.

Thank you for your assistance.

James Bowick
M.Div. candidate
McMaster Divinity College
McMaster University,
Hamilton, Ontario

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