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> Indeed we cannot be sure that the meaning is the same. But in most cases 
> this kind of meaning change is either subtle or in rather obviously 
> explainable directions.
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Making the assumption that the change was from a recognizable direction, I took the meaning of "break (dawn)" and looked to see which way it could have moved. I then came to the conclusion that it could come from "to appear" (which is what another cognate language has) or possibly even "to be present" or a similar idea. The only verse that I find that that definition gives trouble to is Psalm 39:14, but the trouble comes from how one defines H$(, does is come from $(H or a noun from $W( to cry out as for help? The second makes a possible reading as "My cry is that I be present, before I go that I am not."

At least two of the five uses does not fit "to cheer up".

Karl W. Randolph.
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