[b-hebrew] $B(YM in Daniel 9:24-27

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Thu Oct 21 15:08:44 EDT 2004

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hholmyard at ont.com writes:

> >It is interesting--at least to me--that Daniel 1:21 contains an Egyptian
> >term.    It is "asphoui" or rather "Ha sp" (also spelled Ha sabi). 
> >It means the
> >first year of a king.
> HH: In what language is this "Ha sp," please? It's not Hebrew, where 
> the term in Dan 1:21 is $NT )XT. I must be missing something.

I don't have Daniel in Hebrew so I couldn't check.  Maybe the Septuagint--or 
even the Coptic Bible?  All I have next to the term "Ha sp" in my dictionary 
is Daniel 1:21.  So nevermind ;-(

Marianne Luban

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