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> >Is the Arabic the only recognized cognate language similarity to BLG? ...
> >
> It is the only one mentioned in BDB, which was all I claimed before. 
> Someone else gave further information from HALOT. I have now just opened 
> up HALOT, and there is a mention there of an Egyptian possible cognate 
> BRG, no meaning given, and a suggested link with BLQ which is "to 
> appear" in Syriac, "to dazzle" in Mandaean(?), and "to gleam" in Arabic.

The Egyptian term is "b3rg3"--to give light or illumine.  From the way it is 
written in te glyphs, it doesn't look like a cognate but rather group writing, 
that is transliteration of a Semitic term.  That it contains /r/ is 
insignificant.  The Egyptian graphic system contained no "l", so /r/ does duty for 

Marianne Luban

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