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A direction which - as far as I know - hasn't been persued in research
about this word is that of post-biblical hebrew. The verb (and a derived
noun - "beleg") appears several times in early hebrew palestinian poetry
(6th cent. CE); some of the poems were discovered at the Geniza and were
unaccessible to reseachers untill the last couple of decades.

I have the feeling that looking into the uses of the verb in those poems
could shed some light on this obscure verb.

Shai Heijmans

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Dear List Members:

This root appears only five times in Tanakh, four times as a hiphil verb
and once as a hiphil participle in a noun context. Any thoughts on its

I looked up a dictionary and the definition given was to brighten up as
in making cheerful, however all the contexts where it is used imply a
destructive definition as in being consumed or destroyed.

The root also appears a few times as a name, but those don't help in
trying to decypher its definition.

Any thoughts on this word? Peter, any clues from cognate languages?

Karl W. Randolph.
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