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Those are the four times it is listed as a verb. Jeremiah 8:18 uses it as a noun in the form of a hiphil participle and in Nehemiah 10:8, 12:5, 18 and 1 Chronicles 24:14, personal names are derived from the same root.

I have been using Online Bible for the Classic Macintosh on my computer, which has its pluses and minuses: sometimes searches can show connections that tagged searches leave out, but many times it includes information that needs to be weeded out by the operator (me) until the result has only usable data.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> At 03:32 19/10/2004, you wrote:
> >This root appears only five times in Tanakh, four times as a hiphil verb 
> >and once as a hiphil participle in a noun context.
> My bible software can find only 4:
> Amos 5:9; Psalms 39:14; Job 9:27; Job 10:20
> HAL cites these four occurrences, and displays a "dagger" = all occurrences.
> Could you let me know the fifth that you have found?
> Maurice A. O'Sullivan  [ Bray, Ireland ]
> mauros at iol.ie
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