[b-hebrew] Samaritan Pentateuch

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Oct 19 04:01:03 EDT 2004

On 18/10/2004 22:16, MarianneLuban at aol.com wrote:

>The SP agrees with the LXX against the MT in almost two thousand readings.  
>One example is the interpretation or clarification of what constituted the 430 
>years mentioned in Exodus. ...

OK. I accept that nearly 2000 is more than "a few". But in comparison it 
is very few. I would suggest that there might be 200,000 places (i.e. 
nearly half of all the words in MT!) where LXX is not an accurate 
literal translation of MT (although not of course all in the 
Pentatuech), but in only a very small proportion of these is the LXX 
reading supported by the Samaritan. That was my main meaning.

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