[b-hebrew] knowledge of language versus language use (was Pronoun )nky in Judg 6:8)

J. Raymond Kelley jraykelley at prodigy.net
Sat Oct 9 16:25:30 EDT 2004

Harold R. Holmyard III wrote:

> Dear Dave,
>> I thought about responding to Harold's post, but figured you could do 
>> a better
>> job :-)  I think the reason he doesn't understand the subconscious 
>> part is
>> because you and he are talking about two very different levels of 
>> language
>> usage, i.e. you are talking about the very deep, fundamental level 
>> that says
>> "I form a question by reversing the subject and verb, except when X, 
>> Y or Z
>> is needed" and that sort of thing, whereas he's talking about a very 
>> high
>> level of word choice, connotation, emphasis, and other matters of a more
>> pragmatic nature.  It's always difficult to have a discussion when we're
>> talking right past each other...
> HH: I had in mind 


Ray Kelley

> the specific examples of extraposition and leftward or rightward 
> shifting that Robert gave in his paper under discussion. So we should 
> have been on exactly the same page.
>                 Yours,
>                 Harold Holmyard
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