[b-hebrew] GDD (was not: Self-mutilation)

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Fri Oct 8 14:11:59 EDT 2004

Dear Karl,

Thanks, I see your interpretation better now, but I gave you good 
information from an up-to-date lexicon. Apparently the word GDD with 
the meaning "band together" also occurs in the Damascus Document (CD 
1:20). I have a translation of the verse that reads: "They 
overstepped covenant, violated law; and they conspired together to 
kill the innocent, for all those who lived . . . ." Evidently the 
words representing the GDD verb are "they conspired together," or 
"they banded together."

				Harold Holmyard

>Maybe I was not a clear as I should have been.
>Here in Jeremiah 5:7 I understand BYT ZWNH as a metaphore for 
>apostate Judah, not as a statement concerning visiting a common 
>prostitute. This use is consistant with the appellation of apostate 
>Israel and Judah as committing (spiritual) adultary and prostitution 
>when they serve other gods (possibly physical as well if the worship 
>includes ritual coitus), and consistant with the context leading up 
>to this statement.
>As for the use of GDD as a verb, it is used only seven times. Psalm 
>94:21 and the varient in Psalm 59:4 are from the root GWD, in 
>Jeremiah 30:23 the verb is a hitpolel of GWR.
>As for GDWD, it was not the main army (which often called for 
>mustering out every able bodied man of the nation), rather a squad, 
>often no more than a raiding party. It is a troop "cut out" or split 
>off from the main army.

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