[b-hebrew] Deut. 4:10 )$r

C. Stirling Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 8 01:25:39 EDT 2004

R. Holmstedt* argues that )$r does not introduce final/result clauses contra
Waltke/O'Conner #38.3b.1. How would you read the function of )$r in:

Deut. 4:10  w)$m(M )t-dbry )$r ylmdwN lyr)h )ty

What do you folks think of this?

Holmstedt papers are available here:

While I have no more sympathy for minimalism after reading four of
Holmstedt's papers than I had previously, I will say that they are well
written and  worth reading and certainly some response from the linguists on
this list concerning his main thesis in "Headlessness and Extraposition"
would beneficial for the rest of us.

Clay Bartholomew 
* 2001. " Headlessness and Extraposition: Another Look at the   Syntax of
[asher]."  Journal   of Northwest Semitic Languages 27(1):1-16.

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