[b-hebrew] Pronoun )nky in Judg. 6:8

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Dear Clay,

Personally, I think you've identified the big problem with Chomskyian 
grammar and why I don't like it myself: it neglects the distributional 
syntactic data that doesn't fit with the "theory".

But watch that you aren't setting up a straw man with Holmstedt. Prior to 
the Proverbs work he did an analysis of every clauses in *Genesis*. See pp. 
126-159 of his dissertation avalible here:


He says the the Proberbs research confirmed his conclusions from Genesis.


David Kummerow.

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>On 10/5/04 11:27 PM, "David Kummerow" <farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Actually, Holmstedt is one of the few who *does* argue for a S-V order 
> > BH.
>That's right, and using Proverbs* as a database. A brilliant move, like
>writing a syntax of the Greek clause based on the choruses of Euripides.
>On another front, Holmstedt has taken the notion of "eclectic" to new
>levels. In Fronting** he advocates the marriage of heaven and hell, Prague
>and MIT.  Using Chomsky minimalism (?) for syntax and pragmatics for
>information structure.
>The second part of Fronting* on pragmatics is a good read. The first part
>leaves me wondering what Late-Chomsky has to offer for the study of Hebrew
>or any other natural language. Once we get past the terminology problem, we
>find a nice logical model that has a way of ignoring unwelcome data by
>inventing new rules. If we have to choose (do we?) I would rather run with
>S. Dik or even Halliday. But since eclecticism is the current rage, I
>suspect we will have to give MIT a place at the table.
>Clay Bartholomew
>*Word Order and Information Structure in Proverbs
>Robert D. Holmstedt University of Wisconsin ­ Milwaukee
>**The Syntax and Pragmatics of ³Fronting² in Biblical Hebrew1
>Robert D. Holmstedt University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
>(Draft 1/03)

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