[b-hebrew] Self-mutilation

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Mon Oct 4 17:40:26 EDT 2004

I might have missed it, but I don't think anyone has yet mentioned the
Aramaic GDD used for cutting (down) a tree: Dan 4:11,20.

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> We have here two very similar roots:
> GDD in the verbal form always in hitpael referring to cutting 
> out parts of the body as self mutilation. It is my 
> understanding that in ancient societies self mutilation was 
> rather common, from taking out strips of skin to make scars 
> to cutting off fingers and toes as a form of mourning.

> I understand the word GDWD referring to a squad of soldiers 
> from the idea of cutting them out from the main army and 
> sending them out. Once it is used in Psalm 65:11 to refer to 
> a clod of dirt cut out during plowing.
> GDDH in plural is used once, again referring to cutting out 
> to make scars.

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