[b-hebrew] Self-mutilation

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Hi Marianne, Hag Sameah!

The basic meaning of GDD seems to be "to cut". As a noun, it's most common
in the word "Gedud", which is a group of people, as in a military unit
(compare a "division"). As a verb, it appears in quite a few forms, and the
exact meaning has to be determined by context. In 1 Kings 18:28
"vayyitgodedu" in hithpael means "they cut themselves" - with the swords and
lances mentioned next.
So the root GDD does not mean "self-mutilation" per se, but can be
understood as meaning "they cut themselves" in this context and in this


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> I am interested in the term "gdd" as it might be found in self-mutilation.
> As I have no books at hand, can anyone tell me in transliteration (sorry,
> fonts) what the line is in I Kings 18:28 where the prophets of Baal gashed
> themselves?  Also, if one were to use the term "gdd", what would be the
best way to
> convey "to gash oneself" or "by ones own hand" or perhaps "on ones own
>  To the best of my knowledge, "gdd" is Dt-stem "to gash oneself (for
> religious practices)".
> Marianne Luban
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