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Dear Robby,

Have a look at the following article:

Garr, W. Randall. "Affectedness, Aspect, and Biblical 'et." Zeitschrift fur 
Althebraistik 4 (1991): 119-134.

Also Matthew Anstey discusses this in his thesis: "The Linguistic 
Description and Analysis of 2 Samuel 11-12 from the Perspective of 
Functional Grammar in the Tradition of Simon Dik." MCS diss., Regent 
College, 1997. See pages 81-86.

Hope this helps.

David Kummerow.

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>Subject: [b-hebrew] Question concerning "Effected Object Accusative"
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>After checking my grammars and ATLA, I haven't been able to find anything 
>on the "Effected Object Accusatve in Hebrew, except the short mention of it 
>in O'Connor (10.2.1f, p. 166). Does anyone know of any studies (books, 
>articles) on this topic?

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