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You‘re right that this is an ambiguous speaker, but who spoke, the messenger or Ahab? The words do not sound like the words of Elisha.

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> On 30/09/2004 17:52, C. Stirling Bartholomew wrote:
> >Can  anyone provided some choice examples from BH narrative of ambiguous
> >pronominal reference? I am looking for a story where there are two or more
> >participants and there is at least a potential confusion about who is doing
> >or saying what to whom?
> >
> >I am exploring the relationship between pronominal reference and agency in
> >narrative. The idea is that pronominal reference is tied to agent/patient
> >roles and only when the agent changes is a full noun phrase required to
> >disambiguate reference.
> >
> >I would help a lot if I could have some choice problem passages to look at.
> >
> >thank you,
> >Clay Bartholomew 
> > 
> >  
> >
> One ambiguity which I remember, and which is much discussed by 
> commentators, is at 2 Kings 6:33. It can be more-or-less resolved if you 
> realise (as the author of the Word commentary did not) that the chapter 
> break after this is secondary and unfortunate. This makes almost 
> impossible the view that the last part of 6:33 is the words of Elisha.
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