[b-hebrew] question

Giuseppe Regalzi regalzi at interfree.it
Fri Oct 1 01:53:48 EDT 2004

Yigal Levin wrote:

> These are two very small objects (2.7x9.7 and 1.1x3.9 cm), found rolled up
> and in a bad state of preservation. ANY attempt to read them, beyond what
> has been published, must be based on a real examination of the original
> through a magnifier, not on looking at an on-line facsimile.

I understand that the "on-line facsimile" comes from the BASOR article, and
therefore reflects the re-examination of the original by Zuckerman et al.
(which, BTW, is probably far better than one can ever achieve through a
"magnifier"). So there is no attempt to read the text "beyond what has been
published", but merely a modest attempt to help Jack G., who said he was
unable to make sense of it.


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