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On 30/11/2004 06:55, Dave Washburn wrote:

> ...
>You correctly discern my real question.  Based on this paragraph, I'm not sure 
>what your definition of "meaning" is.  I don't want to do a Clinton here, but 
>it seems to me that you're defining "means" in a somewhat different way than 
>several others here do.  So I could do with some clarification so I can 
>follow you correctly.  If "meaning" is not something uncancelable, what are 
>the circumstances in which (by which?) that "meaning" of a form may be 
>canceled?  If sequence is encoded in the verb form, how does a speaker or 
>writer get around that?  If meaning is something other than something encoded 
>in the form, what exactly is it, and if it's not a hard-and-fast feature of 
>the form, how can we discern that it's there at all?  These sorts of 
>questions are at the heart of my research, and I anxiously await your input.
Dave, I suggest that you read something about Relevance Theory. Although 
I have some criticisms of the theory and especially how it has been 
applied to translation, it has thoroughly debunked the idea that meaning 
is encoded in form in the sense that you seem to understand here. For 
some of my take on Relevance Theory and links to literature, see 
http://www.qaya.org/academic/bibletranslation/Holy%20Communicative.zip - 
this paper will be published soon, but the section on Relevance Theory 
has been shortened for publication.

Peter Kirk
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