[b-hebrew] The perspective of this native speaker of Modern Hebrewof Biblical Hebrew tenses

Rolf Furuli furuli at online.no
Sat Nov 27 08:09:54 EST 2004

Dear Noam,

It is impossible to discuss the subject adequately in a short post, so I 
send you off-list an article that I have written on the subject. 

Best regards


Noam Eitan wrote:

>Rolf, this is an interesting post. I am not a linguist
>and cannot follow it. Could I be "hatzuf" enough to
>ask you to repost it with examples for every
>statement, both in modern English for those referring
>to English, as well as with examples from the bible,
>for the statement regarding BH? I would appreciate it
>either as a private e-mail, or on the list. Thnaks a
>lot, Noam

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