[b-hebrew] A Modern Hebrew perspective on reading biblical hebrew (was: A Jewish perspective on reading biblical hebrew)

Sameer Yadav sameer_yadav2 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 25 18:17:11 EST 2004

Thanks for the clarification.  I think the same point
still applies, though.  An intuitive ease in
translating the conjugations only suggests a
sidestepping of the real descriptive problems in favor
of whatever feels contextually appropriate, which is
often vague and person-relative.

- Sameer

--- Noam Eitan <neitian at nyc.rr.com> wrote:

> I overlooked the header of the thread. There is
> nothing "Jewish" about this 
> perspective. Native (Jewish) English speakers I have
> discussed this have the 
> same facility in applying the perfect/imperfect to
> the text, that native 
> Israelis have a hard time to digest (here's a
> grammatically dysfunctional 
> sentence for you, transferring from Modern Hebrew
> into English without 
> adjusting). Noam
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