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peterkirk at qaya.org writes:

> >
> >My Coptic grammar says thita can be an abbreviation for "t H"--such as 
> >"ethneete" for "t Heneete".  "Heneete " is "monastary" and "t' is the 
> feminine 
> >article "the".  I can't tell you why the thita is present in "ethouab" 
> because I am 
> >not sure of the meaning of the entire phrase.

Well, Peter, here is your answer.  I was wrong.  There is a "thita" in 
Coptic--but in the Bohairic dialect--the dialect of the Delta, Lower Egypt.  Mostly, 
we beginners in Coptic learn Sahidic, the Upper Egyptian or Theban dialect.  
My grammar is Sahidic.
Therefore, what is written with tau in the other dialects is mostly written 
with thita in Bohairic.  What is the reason for this--I don't know.

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