[b-hebrew] Intermediate Hebrew Books?

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
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Hi Robby, I recommend some works that explore pragmatic or discourse issues, 
which Waltke and O'Connor purposely avoid, concerning themselves with only 
the sentence level and below.  While we may argue the details, I think there 
is little doubt that a BH writer makes grammatical choices to guide us 
through his text.  Some works that I have found helpful are as follows:

Longacre, _Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence_
Niccacci, _The Syntax of the Verb in Classical Hebrew Prose_
ed. Bergen, _Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Linguistics_
Muraoka, _Emphatic Words and Structures in Biblical Hebrew_
ed. Bodine, _Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew_
Eskhult, _Studies in Verbal Aspect and Narrative Technique in Biblical 
Hebrew Prose_
Dawson, _Text-Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew_

If I could only recommend one of the above books, I suppose it would have to 
be Dawson.  I think it is the least insightful contribution to the field. 
However, it familiarizes the reader with Longacre, Niccacci, Eskhult, as 
well as Anderson and Khan, two other important contributors to the field. 
Bergen would also be a good volume if you could only read one.  While it 
does not present any model comprehensively, it offers a smorgasborg of 
possiblilities in the field.

Hoping to help, Bryan

You wrote:

> I'm currently reading Intro to Biblical Hebrew Syntax in order to complete 
> my knowledge of Biblical Hebrew. Are there any other works that I should 
> read along with this one in order to get an advanced knowledge of Hebrew?
> Robby Martin

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